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Tom Hardy was quick to correct himself when he said that he was returning to the set of Mad Max. It's not "reshoots" they're filming; it's entirely new material.

This report is exciting to the staff here at Scified, as it means that the film may be getting a much needed boost, and revival seems imminent.

This information comes on the heels of Hardy's vehement dismissal of the idea that he could be the next James Bond. After the on-again off-again experience of filming Mad Max, is Hardy no longer interested in revitalizing film series? He breathed new life into the Batman films in 2012 as he took on the role of the villain Bane, whose voice may be echoed in Hardy's Mad Max, if rumors are true. But with budgetary, filming, and scheduling issues, Mad Max has been a bit of an uphill battle so far.


"[Mad Max's] great. It's a big piece. I'm off out there next week to do some re-shoots - well, not re-shoots actually, we're doing more. Building - building more Mad Max, there's even more spectacular."

With that being said, reports have been made that a rough cut of the film sent to studio executives was extremely well-received, leading to George Miller receiving the necessary funds to reshoot vital action sequences.

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This is great news for Fury Road, the fact alone that George Miller is getting the funding needed to make his project complete! I am very excited about this news! What say you all?

Lone ›

This is good to hear FREEZE!

Now George can give us even more spectacular action! ;-)


Agreed Lone... I'm refreshed now with this news, and plan on bringing more with November, and what I can find for some news!

Svanya ›

Great news Freeze!! It's always good to hear the actors talking about a project.

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